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Sufrida Calo

by Elena Lombao
Café Teatro
Sufrida Calo
October 14
December 2, 2020




1hour 10min

A musical show of emotional actuality set to a background of rural surrealism. SUFRIDA CALO was born out of the need to express the pains of an infinite bosom, mine. Against all the odds, 2013 was so full of unexpected events that it led to the birth of this character who ended up releasing an album of her own songs. (emoji for I can’t believe it!)

In my tireless search to find happiness, I realise that pain is inevitable and that trying to escape just makes us go round and round in circles turning life into an absurd roundabout with no way out. There are only two ways to free the soul: TO LEARN, AND TO LOVE. And just one tool to understand them both: HUMOUR.

So, in 2014, an uncontrolled, confusing and exciting journey began that has accumulated so much quality and consistency that now in 2020, SUFRIDA CALO can culminate whatever it was that it came to do in this little body of mine.

“I don’t know what an orangutan laughs at but I do know that human beings laugh at whatever hurts them. And that's an act of intelligence… because either we laugh at what hurts us or we won't stop crying about what kills us.”


Artistic and technical sheet
Direction, dramaturgy and cast: Elena Lombao Pardo