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by Albert Boronat and Andrés Lima
Prostitución ©Valentín Alvarez
March 13
April 11, 2021




Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm






2 hours

Our show is based on a process of exploring prostitution. An issue that makes us ask ourselves many questions, on different levels, regarding our vision as citizens, as human beings and as artists with the desire to reflect our society. And we will do this by giving a voice to its protagonists, the prostitutes themselves. We talk to them, we go into their clubs, we accompany them on their streets. The idea is to engage in documentary research that a group of artist-actresses will draw upon, in order to understand this reality and reflect it in a theatrical work. 

The show starts out in the street and moves towards the stage. The spectator lives this experience. Desire, necessity, secrets, violence, tenderness, pain, pleasure, company, paying for sex, charging for sex. The experience of prostitution; putting ourselves in their position, putting on their high heels, running the risk, understanding.

The issue: Prostitution. The problem: trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls (and everything related to it: illegal immigration, drugs, gender violence, etc.) The roots of the problem: the commercialisation of the human being. The industry built around the sale of sex, the pleasure industry. Pleasure, another word to stop and think about. And the money, always the money. Three actresses: Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza and Carolina Yuste, socially committed as women and as artists, immerse themselves in a world filled with controversy. Abolition, legalisation, stigmatisation; moral, cultural and religious prejudices, and economic and political interests make prostitution a cross-cutting issue in our society. It is one that affects all of us and which many are unaware of. Our entire artistic team will work to bring their voice, their emotion, to the audience. From the interview on the street to the live music, our prostitutes will raise that voice.
Andrés Lima

WARNING TO THE AUDIENCE: We inform our spectators that this show uses strobe lights and therefore may affect people with epilepsy.


Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Andrés Lima
Dramaturgy and authorship: Albert Boronat and Andrés Lima using texts and testimony of Amelia Tiganus, Juan Cavestany, Ana María, Isabela, Lucía, Alexia, Alicia and la Mrs. Rius
Cast: Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza, Carolina Yuste 
Actress in recording: Lucía Juárez
Piano: Laia Vallés
Scenic and costume design: Beatriz San Juan  
Lighting design: Valentín Álvarez (AAI)
Sound/musical composition: Jaume Manresa
Sound design: Enrique Mingo
Video creation/recording design: Miquel Àngel Raió
Documentary direction: Carolina Cubillo
Production direction: Joseba Gil
Executive direction: Héctor Mas
Scenic and lighting assistant: Alberto Hernández (AAI)
Costume and production assistant: Laura Galán
Production assistant: Vicente Cámara
Director’s assistants: Laura Ortega y Alfons Casal

A production of Check-in producciones, Teatro Español, Escena Nacional d´Andorra, Molinos de Papel, Mama Floriana and Asuntos Culturales

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