Teatro Español y Naves del Español

Naves del Español 15 years

Expo 15 años Naves
July 16, 2023
Free admission

Tuesday to Friday / From 4pm to 6pm

Saturday and Sunday / From 11am to 2pm & from 4pm to 6pm

It’s been one and a half decades since Madrid’s old the slaughterhouse was turned into a theatre. Since then, this space has hosted shows, concerts, performance art pieces, festivals, exhibitions... Put on by artists from all disciplines who have opened up to their observers, the public, an infinite number of ways of seeing reality, as there is no single reality and it is influenced by the colour of our lenses. This exhibition seeks to remember those who embarked on that adventure and all the professionals who have passed through its facilities. It is thanks to their ongoing efforts that the Naves del Español at Matadero are such a centre of cultural reference today.

The presentation of this selection of posters is also a mixture of tribute, acknowledgement and a nostalgic desire to relive iconic shows that still live on in the minds of many theatre-goers today. So many directors, performers, artists and creators have passed through these spaces that it is impossible to choose just one. The exhibition will of course open doors that will allow us to remember not just one show, but many and even several different periods. To review history is to realise that although everything remains the same, everything has in fact changed. Just so: in 2007 the world was smiling; in 2009 a major global crisis made us tremble and in 2020 everything turned upside down again, leaving us almost breathless.

This exhibition is therefore an invitation to travel through time by means of theatre posters from yesteryear right up to the present day. Visitors will be able to clearly see the trends of each era and the value of posters per se. An exhibition that will invite visitors to delve into many more aspects than purely theatrical ones.

NOTICE: The exhibition will remain closed from 12 to 14 May and from 13 to 17 June.