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Mariana Pineda

by Federico García Lorca
Mariana Pineda ©marcosGpunto
January 27
February 7, 2021

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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm




Sometimes love is a deep ocean where we die by drowning, a place that is simultaneously a prison and a horizon, a period where time stops and even the air is still. Sometimes love is a snowy summer... a chimera, a story we tell ourselves so we can stay alive.

Mariana Pineda's love is like that.

Much has been said about Mariana Pineda, about both the historical character and the character created by the great poet Federico García Lorca; it has been debated whether Mariana was a revolutionary woman or, on the contrary, simply a woman in love. Nonetheless, every time I reread the text by the brilliant poet of Granada, I am seized by one idea: Mariana Pineda is a person who dares to pursue her convictions to their ultimate consequences. She’s a woman who rebels against all the norms of her society, moving to the beat of her own heart; a free heart that does not understand rules, gender and, above all, does not understand fear.

And as spectators to this love letter written by Federico to us, we have to ask ourselves what type of people we are, whether we are a torrent like Mariana or, on the contrary, if we are islands, eternally quiet and rocky, like the rest of the characters in the story. And it doesn’t matter whether we are speaking of ideals, dreams... or simply of love... there are convictions that one feels only once in a lifetime.

Mariana and Federico knew that... and that’s why they defended them to their last breath.
Javier Hernández-Simón

Cast and Creative Team
Version and direction: Javier Hernández-Simón
Text by: Federico García Lorca 
Cast: Aurora Herrero, Marta Gómez, Silvana Navas, Sara Cifuentes, Laia Marull, Oscar Zafra, Alex Gadea, Fernando Huesca y José Fernández
Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo, Ion Anibal
Scenic design: Bengoa Vázquez
Costume design: Beatriz Robledo
Musical direction, composition and sound design: Álvaro Renedo
Stage movement and choreography: Marta Gómez

A production of GG Producción escénica, Teatro del Nómada and Saga Producciones in co-production with AJ Claqué, Mardo, Juan Carlos Castro and María Díaz Comunicación