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Juana Inés

by Carmen Cortés
November 14, 2020




Wednesday to Saturday / 8pm


70 min

“If I raise my voice, it is because I can no longer endure it. Of what envy am I not the target? Of what evil intention am I not the object? There is no gift that suffers more attacks than Understanding.” 

Cornered by her enemies, Sister Juana rebels in this theatrical production with a flamenco soul, woven together using the author's verses and ideas. 

“Why must ignorance be better than science?” she asks us, while she strives to tear down the walls with which they want to silence her. 

Our Juana Inés came into being as a tribute to the legacy of one of the greatest women writers of the 17th century. And with the hope that her voice will move us away from the society we don't want to continue being, and invite us to embrace what we need to begin to be.
Nando López

Cast and Creative Team
Choreographic and artistic direction: Carmen Cortés
Dramaturgy: Nando López
Scenic direction: Carmen Cortés with the collaboration ofCarme Portaceli
Music: Gerardo Nuñez
Guitar: Javier Conde
Singing: Antonio Moreno “Cancun” y Antonio Carbonell
Percussion: Rafael Serrano
A production of Curso Flamenco S.L.