Teatro Español y Naves del Español


by José Ramón Fernández
J'attendrai ©Laura Ortega
December 27, 2020



Tuesday to Saturday / 8pm
Sunday/ 7pm 


90 min
Post-show talk

A 90-year-old Republican who survived Mauthausen closes a chapter in his life that has tormented him for many years. And he does so shortly before his death, when he visits a small rural hotel where someone lives to whom he still owes a moral debt: the granddaughter of the girlfriend of his friend Claude, who died in the death camp.

The author speaks to us, not about that memory that historians collect, but about that small history, that family history, and he does so by reconstructing his own history based on books, letters, objects, theatre - not his own, that of all those others who have already touched on this thematic line - and humility.

J’attendrai is also a tribute to the dead, to the living, to those who have written from the truth, to those brave men and women who have dared to deal with the subject in the theatre, in literature, in the cinema… The author feels a deep gratitude and an unpayable debt to them all: that of having “encouraged” him to write J’attendrai.

Artistic and technical sheet
Direction: Emilio del Valle
Text by: José Ramón Fernández
Cast: Luz Arcas, Chema de Miguel, Cristina Gallego, Jorge Múñoz
Stage design: Arturo Martín Burgos
Audiovisual space: Jorge Muñoz
Music: Montse Muñoz
Lighting design: José Manuel Guerra
Costumes: Ana Rodrigo
Director’s assistant: Gonzala Martín Sherman