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Galdós: sombra y realidad

by Ignacio del Moral and Verónica Fernández
Centennial of Benito Pérez Galdós
Galdós Sombra y realidad ©Esmeralda Martin
November 18
December 13, 2020

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Tuesday to Saturday / 8pm
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Post-show talk

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “all works are a form of autobiography”. Over the years, I have become increasingly interested in the person behind the verses or brushstrokes, and it never fails: I find Wilde’s statement truer and truer.

Delving into the life of Benito Pérez Galdós has shown me that his legacy of monumental works of realist and universal fiction are also an embodiment of his desires, contradictions, obsessions and sense of humour. At times, their nearly literal parallels with his biography are astonishing. Thus, his novels become an intimate conversation between the reader and Benito. Between Benito and me.

Like Concha Ruth, Teodosia, Emilia, Lorenza and so many others, I also have succumbed to the charm of his language, to his jokes (Benito makes me laugh out loud!), to his observations made with exquisite irony (that have revealed so much to me about others and about myself), to his enormous humanity as a declassed socialist. Benito is surprising, without a doubt. He inspires confidence and loves life. Benito does not want to lie to himself or to anyone else. Benito believes that a better world is possible. Who wouldn't fall in love with him?

In the production, we want to remove the black and white that, because of the photography of the era, shapes our image of Galdós and his times. We want to convey what it really was: a vibrant period, one full of hope and rage, of break-ups and promises, but, above all, of free, abashed and real love. If anyone has ever known what is real. We should ask Benito.
Pilar G. Almansa

Cast and Creative Team
Direction and stage adaption: Pilar G. Almansa
Text by: Ignacio del Moral and Verónica Fernández  
Cast: Marta Aledo, Carmen Conesa, Amparo Fernández, Jesús Noguero, Diana Palazón, María Ramos y Ainhoa Santamaría
Piano: Carmen Conesa
Scenic design: José Luis Raymond (AAPEE)
Scenic design assistant: Laura Ordas
Lighting design : Carlos Torrijos (AAI)
Costume design : Vanessa Actif
Original music : Mariano Marín
Stage movement : Amaya Galeote
Costume design assistant: Mónica Teijeiro
Director’s assistant : Manu Báñez

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