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El beso

by Ger Thijs
El beso ©Roberto Carmona
December 5, 2020
January 3, 2021



Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm


Post-show talk

A mountain landscape. The Netherlands. In Europe. Two people walk up a path. A man, a woman, nature. She is on the way to pick up test results at the regional hospital. He, supposedly, is taking a stroll to find inspiration. The two walk along without knowing that they will meet. Luck, a twist of fate, is what determines that they will meet during that stage of life in which dreams start to fall apart or love becomes sourer; where success and failure are no longer a social matter but rather a private one. Are we alone? Do we still desire each other in spite of our wounds? What does it mean to die?

The author, Ger Thijs, constructs a text of very agile dialogues, full of cynicism and humanity, where humour becomes a question of survival, seduction and curiosity about the other. These are two strangers that life, always obscenely alive, suggests walk together for a spell. She and he are invited to look at each other, lean on one another. But, do we ever know who the other is? A madman, a murderer, an angel? And even so, the other can mean the salvation of a kiss, of an attentive ear, and, in any case, an always existential and necessary reference.

The suggestion is considered ferociously and delicately, and the action always revolves around that gap that the universe seems to want to create for us so that we can also exist, as in a painting by Caspar David Friedrich and, above all, with extreme emotional and vital sincerity that touches each of us. This is a naked type of theatre that reveals the exceptional within the quotidian, the wounds we carry with us and the hope that, in love, we can always start over.
Isabel Ordaz


Cast and Creative Team

Direction: María Ruiz

Texto: Ger Thijs

Text by: Ronald Brouwer

Cast: Isabel Ordaz y Santiago Molero

Scenic design: Elisa Sanz

Lighting design: Felipe Ramos

Costume design: Sofía Nieto (Carmen 17)

Sound design: Augusto Guzmán

Poster: Daniel Vilaplana

Photo poster: Coral Ortiz

Production design: Eva Paniagua y Javier Moncada

Meritorio de dirección y producción: Juan Francisco García 

A production of Teatro Español, Narea Producciones, Producciones Come y Calla