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Sharon Fridman
Date17 - 19 SEPTEMBER

20 euros




A Dose of Paradise is Sharon Fridman’s latest creation, an exploration of love and relationships, in which she develops a dialogue with new technologies in search of emotional spaces, thanks to the collaboration of international artists from Belgium and Israel. This work of research and creation has been developed within the framework of the technical-artistic residencies at the Francisco Rabal Theatre in Pinto, where the company has been in residence since October 2018.

They met and they gave themselves to one another. They discovered the habit of turbulence, an opportunity for an embrace, and the fear of loneliness. Staying in paradise was no easy task, staying in the present, without the refraction of the past or the projection of the future.

We are all looking for each other, we all walk the same road, under the uncertain light that perceives us and blurs the limits of time, we are headed towards a horizon without memory, a total solitude in which love may perhaps reveal itself in a heartbeat.


A heart dashes forth,

slipping away from loneliness.

Eloped in the Other,

It confuses the heartbeat

Losing itself in the union.

Where is paradise?


With the support of: INAEM, Community of Madrid, Pinto City Council, and the Tenerife Auditorium.

Artistic and technical sheet
Direction and choreography:  Sharon Fridman
Dancers:  Melania Olcina Arthur Bernard-Bazin Maite Larrañeta

Repetitrice                      Maureen López
Assistant dramaturg       Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo
Original music                Idan Shimoni & Ofer Smilansky
Space design                 Sharon Fridman & Ofer Smilansky, with the collaboration of Oficina 4Play
Costume design             Mizo, by Inbal Ben Zaken
Sound design                 Iñaki Ruiz Maeso
Photography                  Juan David Cortés