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by David Gaitán
Antígona ©Diego Casillas
March 25
May 2, 2021



Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm



Post-show talk

Discussing democracy, identifying its problems, has been a topic of guaranteed relevance for centuries. Nonetheless, as theatre must necessarily speak to the audience in attendance, it is not enough to assume that a topic will fit into the immediate socio-political context just because it did in other latitudes.

Some years ago I staged this work in Mexico. The social temperature there was shaped to a large extent by a dark event in recent Mexican history: the forced disappearance of 43 students (on top of hundreds of thousands more) by – presumably – the Mexican government at the time. Families were going en masse to find the bodies of their loved ones, whether alive or to give them a decent burial, and this meant that the Antígona [Antigone] project had a particular relevance from a political perspective and a subtle danger artistically, as it ran the risk of being characterised as an opportunistic choice in the context of society’s pain.

My direction of this new production is intimately linked to the desire to make the necessary adjustments to the text (from conjugations and slang to discursive accents) in the interest of communicating powerfully with the people attending the performance. Representative democracy, the transition that the political forces of the opposition have to make once they achieve the objective of getting into power, disinformation as a strategy to influence democratic processes, mass appeal as a fig leaf for hate speech; these are some of the themes that can be addressed through Antígona, in the interest of engaging in an eloquent dialogue with the members of the Spanish community that will potentially attend the performance.
David Gaitán


Cast and Creative Team
Text and direction: David Gaitán   
Cast: Irene Arcos, Fernando Cayo, Clara Sanchis, Elías González, Isabel Moreno y Jorge Mayor
Scenic and costume design: Diego Ramos
Lighting design: Fran Cordero
Original music: Álvaro Rodríguez Barroso

A co-production of El Desván Producciones, Festival Internacional de Mérida and Teatro Español

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