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Artistic direction

Artistic direction

Vanessa Rabade 
Eduardo Vasco - Director Artístico
Artistic direction
Eduardo Vasco

A graduate in Theatre Studies from Madrid's Complutense University (UCM). He holds a master’s degree in Theatre and Performing Arts from the U.C.M. He has a degree in Acting and Stage Direction from the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid. He completed his training as a stage director at the Amsterdam Regie Opleiding Theaterschool in the Netherlands. He also attended master classes by Joe Chaikin (Open Theatre) at Das-Arts (the Amsterdam School of Advance Research in Theatre and Dance Studies).

In 1995, together with Yolanda Pallín, he founded the Noviembre Compañía de Teatro, today one of the most firmly established theatre companies in Spain. 

He directed the National Classical Theatre Company from 2004 to 2011. 

He has been directing plays since 1992 and has staged more than fifty productions of classic works by the likes of Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca, Tirso de Molina, Cervantes, Rojas Zorrilla, Shakespeare, Moliere or Goldoni, as well as contemporary works by Azorín, Cocteau, Ibsen, Chekhov, Camus, Beckett, Orton or Müller. He has always had a special interest in Spanish drama (Yolanda Pallín, Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Ignacio del Moral or Dulce Chacón) and in opera (Torres, Mozart and Poulenc) for public and private institutions such as the Teatro Español, Teatro Real, Centro Dramático Nacional, Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, Teatro de la Abadía, Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, Teatro Calderón in Valladolid, Teatro Mayor in Bogotá, Teatro Libre in Bogotá, etc.

He has taught Stage Direction at the Royal School of Dramatic Arts in Madrid since 1996, and has been head and deputy head of the Stage Direction Department on several occasions. 

He is the secretary and a founding member of the Spanish Academy of Performing Arts.

He has received numerous awards, including most notably that of Commander of the Order of Civil Merit in 2011; the Prize of the Uruguay Critics Association for Best Foreign Production in 2008 and 2012; the Teatro Rojas Prize for Best Production in 2009 and 2012 and for Best Director in 2012 and 2016; the Alcalá Classical Theatre Festival’s Fuente de Castalia Award in 2014; the Almagro Festival’s Ágora Award and the José Luis Alonso Prize for new directors, awarded by the ADE in 1993.

As a researcher, he has written two books on actors and on the history of theatre which have been published by Fundamentos: Ricardo Calvo, the Actor and the Classics (Ricardo Calvo, el actor y los clásicos) (2017) and Francisco Morano: an Actor Against the Tide (Francisco Morano: un actor a contracorriente) (2018). He is a prolific writer of articles on theatrical topics for national newspapers and specialised magazines such as El País, La Razón, El Cultural, Primer Acto, Don Galán, Adeteatro and Acotaciones, and his adaptations of classic texts have been published by several publishing houses.

In 2023 he produced a podcast based on the subject of his doctoral thesis on the recitation of actors in the early days of the phonograph (1898-1936) http://www.vocesdelaescena.es/

As a musician, he has composed several pieces for the stage and produced the sound space for a large number of productions, both his own and those of other directors.