Teatro Español y Naves del Español

Italian Readings

Dramatized readings
Dramatic reading
Lecturas italianas
Lecturas italianas
February 12, 2023
Saturday and Sunday / 5pm

The Teatro Español and Naves del Español at Matadero present a new series of dramatic readings, in this case, dedicated to new Italian drama. Italian playwriting is being spotlighted on account of its diversity and its particular insight into the social reality of Italy and Europe. Through this series, Teatro Español is showcasing the rich imaginary of new Italian creation, creating a link that goes beyond the mere reading of theatrical texts to bring us closer to a cultural reality that so closely resembles Spanish culture. A selection of four plays that reflect the most interesting trends in the Italian theatre scene. The Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian Embassy in Spain have collaborated with us in the creation of this series. Thus, the combined synergies of three major institutions shed light on and give voice to the new Italian dramatic reality.

Cast and Creative Team
With the collaboration of: Istituto Italiano di Cultura de Madrid