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Installation. Teatro de la Mano Project
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Teatro de la mano
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June 18
July 25, 2021


Tuesday to Sunday / From 12pm to 2:30pm and 7pm to 9:30pm

The Naves del Español in Matadero voyage to the interiors of the theatrical world with the Teatro de la Mano project, which aims to give value and show the public the technical and artisan work of the theatre.

This project begins with a sensory installation that seeks to honour and make visible the hidden part of the theatrical world. It is the beginning of a transversal route that will highlight the technical-creative 'value of the hand'.

Pedro Moreno considered a poet of styling, a craftsman and master of Spanish costume design, is the artistic director in charge of the installation. Crafts such as tailoring, costume design, make-up, armoury, props, stage design, lighting, sound…and objects such as hats, masks, figurines, among others, will give shape to this project which is designed as a tour that will let the spectator gradually discover everything as they walk through De la Mano.

All this is accompanied by sounds, lighting, paintings… that will surprise the visitors and make them feel they are part of this body of jobs and tasks that is hidden behind what they see when they enjoy a play from their seat in the stalls.