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1st Festival of Music performed by actors and actresses

10 euros




Ladies and Germanies, I’m Cristina Medina, the charismatic leader no less of the band Cristina & Los Gloria…A band that plays rock, pop, pank, punk, tuna sandwiches and all glory to you…

I’ve been on stage since 1992, (not always the same one, I get around), and I’ve done my thing before the TV cameras lots of times as well. Until now I’ve mainly worked as an actress, producer, playwright, and sometimes I’ve also been a director for other companies and production companies, and so on and so forth.

Four years ago, I premièred A Grito Pelao (Crying Out Loud), my first live music show. Well, now the chickens have come home to roost - don’t get me wrong, all I mean is that that show was the seed that led to Cristina & Los Gloria, which in turn produced songs that are now in our album Gloria para Ti (Glory to You).

In Cristina & Los Gloria, what’s even more important than the music is my desire to continue learning how to reach all the right notes as well as the emotions. Fire, water, laughter, tears, earth, wind, brass, whistles and flutes. If anyone has understood me, perhaps you could explain to me what this is all about. Please!

I just wanted to tell you that we have gathered the dregs of every house and that we are determined to hit the high C in our G string on the beach, without any how's your father or anything else for that matter. Without a parachute. And with no nonsense and no fussing about.

Cristina Medina

Artistic and technical sheet

Cristina Medina; vocals, lyrics and producer
Jesús Chávez; guitar, piano, musical director, composer, arranger and producer
David López; drums
Leticia Romero; bass