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Siempre Chéjov

by Anton Chéjov
June 18
July 11, 2021



Tuesday to Saturday / 20:30h
Sunday / 19:30h


The genius of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov is as precocious as these short pieces written before he turned thirty. None of his major plays had yet been staged, nor had he been recognized as the most distinguished short story writer of all time, as he would be later. Nonetheless, in both On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco and Swan Song, Chekhov gives us a large portrait of life in a small frame.

In On the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, Ivan Ivanovich pours out his heart to us about his domineering wife. We have come to hear him give a conference on something we are told much more starkly today: tobacco kills.

Svetlovidov, at the age of sixty-eight, attends a benefit in his honour. Is it a goodbye? Is it the end? Is it the song the swan sings before dying? For an actor, there is no end... “where there is art, where there is talent, neither old age, nor loneliness, nor infirmities hold any sway, only death...”

All of Chekhov's short plays are comedies; these two are comedic, but they also have something deeper: humour.

These short theatre pieces had their premiere at the Korsh Theatre, each of them on the three days of the weekend.
Rafael Pérez Sierra


Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Fernando Conde
Text by: Antón Chéjov
Version: Rafael Pérez Sierra  
Cast: Fernando Conde y Ángel García Suárez
Costume design: Charo J. Grueso
Lighting and scenic design: Javier Botella

A co-production of GESTEATRAL and Teatro Español