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Based on 'Othello', by W. Shakespeare
Otelo ©Claudio Pérez
May 9, 2021



Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm


A show created especially for two actors, plus puppets and objects, all seamlessly combined. Here, the puppets perform what the actors are unable to do: actions that seek to enhance the staging, making it very attractive and powerful for audiences.

Then there are the objects, the starting point of object theatre. They take on narrative value by articulating sequences of frenetic activity, moments of intimacy and others of high dramatic tension. But at the same time they are stage props that provide playfulness, humour, surprise and a didactic function that enables the play to reach a varied audience. In this effort to bring a classic play to a contemporary audience, many of whom will be seeing a classical piece for the first time, the staging emphasizes the “popular” character that characterized it from its first performances in 1604, and which has been gradually lost over the centuries.

To achieve this, the production uses combinations and new configurations: human beings and puppets, reality and fantasy, humour and tragedy, the old and the new and minimal elements. In short: stage languages that will provide a fresh look at a universal text, enhancing the development of object art.


Cast and Creative Team
Adaptation and direction: Teresita Lacobelli, Jaime Lorca y Christian Ortega
Based on Othello by W. Shakespeare  
Cast: Nicole Espinoza y Jaime Lorca
Music: Juan Salinas 
Costume design: Loreto Monsalve
Artistic consultant: Eduardo Jiménez
Lighting design: Tito Velásquez
Sound design: Gonzalo Aylwin

A production of Viajeinmóvil

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