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Niño de Elche: hoy comamos y bebamos

Three Christmas concerts
Niño de Elche ©Ángela Martín-Retortillo
December 29, 2021
January 2, 2022
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday / 8pm
1 hour 45 min

Christmas is an anachronism. Every year it gets harder to find a place for this celebration in a society like ours, whose diversity continues to grow and in which the meanings of the words “family”, “home”, “holiday” and “festivity”, among many others, have undergone a radical shift in recent times.

Even so, we continue to meet, joining our bodies -and even our voices- together, just as we’ll do at these three concerts; forgetting, at least for a little while, all that separates or divides us to celebrate the fact, among other things, that we’re still alive.

This fact, which is particularly relevant in the wake of the recent calamity, might even lie at the root of the Christmas holiday. That’s how we’ll begin, trying to remember the fear -the terror- our ancestors must have felt in the face of nights that were ever longer and darker, crops that kept shrinking and uncertainty over whether, after so much darkness, the sun would come out again this time, whether life would return. “Today, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall fast”, a carpe diem existentialist would say when facing the dreaded winter.