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by Carmen Losa
Levante ©Jesus Ugalde
May 19
June 13, 2021

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Tuesday to Sunday / 7pm



Post-show talk

Levante [The East] is a play that speaks of places, of people, of our history, of passions, of struggles, of hopes. Levante speaks of sentiments and sensations. Levante is an inconceivable love story in an impossible time.

In Levante, the image of the daughters of Bernarda Alba sewing their trousseaux in their interminable confinement comes to mind, as does the image of so many mothers sewing in the afternoon, accompanied by the sound of the radio and the sun shining in through the window, threads floating in the air.

There are some girls and one mother and one fiancé. And there is also a party and a destiny and a war. And there is a teacher. And history repeats itself because it cannot be told. And there is a strange process of development that the characters are pushed to undergo, and the characters are determined to resist. And, lastly, there is a destiny that falls into place as life falls apart in a Spain broken by the pain of guns and betrayals.

Levante is a work that engages with our history. But history is not just made up of momentous events; it also consists of the difficulties of anonymous beings, the day-to-day existence of those obliged to live in silence. Levante talks about all of that and about hope when all seems lost.



Cast and Creative Team
Script and direction: Carmen Losa  
Cast: Candela Arestegui, Ana Lucas, Yolanda Arestegui, Miguel Bernardeu (resto de reparto en curso)
Scenic design: Juan Sanz
Lighting design: José Manuel Guerra
Costume design: Maite Álvarez
Original music: Mariano Martín

A co-production of Descalzos Producciones and Teatro Español

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