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Cycle of Dramatized Readings. Humour in Argentinian theatre.
Dramatic reading
Lecturas dramatizadas web
October 10, 2021
Saturdays and Sundays / 5pm
80 min

The authors who have been selected to take part in this 7th Cycle of Dramatized Readings are tireless workers in the genre of humour.

The comedy that emanates from these texts ranges from farce to parody, from realism to black humour, from magical realism to costumbrismo, but they all drink from the Argentine grotesque, that subtle amalgam between pain and laughter, or the hilarity that springs from pathos.

But this humour is not only found in the dialogues and reflections of the characters in these plays, but also in the situations they find themselves in, in the scenic resources and in the physical gags that the director and performers can come up with during rehearsals.

Finally, the Argentinian words and turns of phrase in the plays can be understood by the audience (thanks largely to all those Argentinian films we’ve watched). However, this is a space in which the directors and performers of each play must take as an integral part of their scenic creation the incarnation of those words in such a way that the context of the dramatic situation reveals their meaning. And the performers must transmit them through their bodies.

The fact that the authorities of the Department of Culture of the Embassy of Argentina have once again placed their trust in my new Project on Humour in Contemporary Argentine Theatre for this 7th Cycle of Dramatized Readings has entailed a new responsibility, whether in terms of the selection of authors, of texts, thinking of future directors or the coordination of all the components required for its presentation in the Teatro Español, which is once again collaborating with us.

All highly 'serious' issues through which to present the 'Humour' in Argentinian theatre.

Jorge Cassino
Stage director and coordinator of the 7th Cycle of Dramatized Readings


2 October: Casa matriz
Autora: Diana Raznovich
Directed by: Vanessa Espín
With: Natalie Pinot and Carolina Rubio

3 October: Sol de noche
Autora: Cristina Escofet
Directed by: María San Miguel
With: Esperanza Elipe and Lidia Otón

9 October: ¿Es verdad que sos amiga de Mónica Vitti?
Autora: Jimena Aguilar
Directed by: Jorge Cassino
With: Ascen López, Sara Teleña, Jorge Yumar, Tusti de las Heras and Daniel Freire

10 October: Rotos de amor
Autor: Rafael Bruza
Directed by: Agapito Martínez
With: Roberto Dragó, David Tenreiro, Bruno Ciordia and Jesús Blanco


Cast and Creative Team

Set design: Lúa Quiroga

Lighting design: Lola Barroso

Costume design: Laura Ferrón

Sound space design and composition: Irma Catalina

Management assistant: Lucía Díaz Tejeiro

A production by Teatro Español