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La rueda

by Irene Poveda
La rueda ©Gaby Merz
June 6, 2021

Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm



50 min

We let ourselves be dragged round this wheel without protesting, without taking any risks, without deviating from what has been previously established, from sanity, from what is morally acceptable... Increasingly faster, increasingly in a hurry. And we don't question it. We don’t have the time.

We become frighteningly aware of life passing before our eyes at breath-taking speed, and the vast majority of people, almost always at the end, look back and discover that they have done practically nothing at all.

But there are a few human beings on this wheel who do things. A few individuals who dare, who fight, who contribute, who propose. People who invest their time in making the world a better place.

Women and men who have the strength to step on the brakes, overturn or change the direction of this great wheel.

This show is a hymn shouted out to freedom, a call to overthrow apathy, a need to wake up.

Nobody better than circus artists to prove that flying and dreaming is possible. You just have to dare to take a leap.

A musician provides live music.

Ficha artística

Original idea: Irene Poveda (Collective Creation)

Direction and dramaturgy: Irene Poveda 

Performers: Rossina Castelli, Ilia Miña, Marta Erra, Abraham Pavón, Miguelo Garrido, Jordi Muntmany

Musician: Jesús Rojas "Lápiz"

Staging: Pedro Montoya

Acrobatic direcction: Rossina Castelli

Technical direction: Abraham Pavón

Original music: Jesús Rojas "Lápiz"

Scenic and costume design: Kanbahiota

Sound and lighting design: Sandra Robles 

A Chisgarabís production