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Iberian Chronicles Trilogy

by Club Caníbal
Crónicas Ibéricas - Algún día todo...
September 30
October 31, 2021


Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm
80 min / 85 min / 85 min

Club Caníbal develops a neo-realist dark humour that connects with the Spanish comic tradition, from Gila to Berlanga.

Black humour, because that is the most genuinely Spanish humour. A country where jokes travel faster than bad news. Neo-realist, because the texts of the shows are based on real events that happened to our compatriots.

And everything seasoned with a touch of the absurd and surreal. Because that’s life. At least in this country.

Crónicas Ibéricas is a trilogy of works in which Club Caníbal puts Spain in the spotlight. A hard-hitting critique of the idiosyncrasies of this country. With the closeness and affection of those who cannot help but be children of this homeland.

In the first show of the trilogy, Desde Aquí Veo Sucia la Plaza, they discussed our most barbaric tradition. The cruel sacrifice of an animal just for fun. The volá, when a goat is hurled from a bell tower while the people below scream and celebrate the sacrifice.

 In their second show, Herederos del Ocaso, they tackled one of the greatest frauds of world sport: the Spanish para-Olympic basketball team won a gold medal without a single disabled player on the team. A sublime example of Spanish picaresque.

In their third show, Algún Día Todo Esto Será Tuyo, they dissected the last days of the president of El Corte Inglés. A reflection of power in Spain.

A trilogy intended as a portrait of this country that we all enjoy and endure.


From 30 September to 10 October: Desde aquí veo sucia la plaza
From 14 to 24 October: Herederos del ocaso
From 28 to 31 October: Algún día todo esto será tuyo 

Cast and Creative Team

Direction and dramaturgy: Chiqui Carabante

With Font García, Juan Vinuesa y Vito Sanz

Live music: Pablo Peña

Stage space design: Walter Arias

Costume design: Salvador Carabante

Lighting design: Nerea Castresana

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