Teatro Español y Naves del Español

Galdós en el Español

Centennial of Benito Pérez Galdós
Galdós en el Español
November 26, 2020




Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm



A group of your girls, like those of Almodóvar, “the Galdós girls”, have gotten together to pay tribute to you and thank you for giving them life. Isidora, hard-working and obliging. Electra, magnetic and revolutionary in spite of herself. Laura de la Cerda, ill and fragile, prudent and compassionate. Lucrecia, with Nell and Dolly clutching her hands. Bárbara, posed like a Greek statue. Casandra, staring into space; and Celia, curious and determined. You always were a “ladies’ man”, brought up by women, easily infatuated and always seeking their company.

“Without women, there is no art; [...] They are the charm of life, the incentive for ambitions large and small; the origin and wellspring of all virtues. [...]. The most glorious triumphs of good over evil are their work; the private misfortunes and public catastrophes are our work. Their inescapable destiny is to love man, and he must dedicate all his intelligence and all his love to them.”

The “Galdós girls” have met to spend some carefree hours in downtown Madrid, like you used to do, and pick a large bouquet of flowers—exotic, multiracial, multicultural flowers in bright and varied colours, with the scent of the Canary Islands of your childhood—as a metaphor for today's Madrid. They have climbed the Cuesta de Moyano with a lively step to leave many, many fresh-cut flowers, the kinds you liked, at the base of your statue: “When the roses die, the world turns serious.” A bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers for Galdós.


3 > 5 November
Direction Carolina Román
Dramaturgy María Prado


6 > 8 November
Direction Ester Bellver
Dramaturgy Irma Correa


ALMA Y VIDA                                                 
10 > 12 November

Direction Pilar Massa
Dramaturgy Yolanda García Serrano


EL ABUELO                                                    
13 > 15 November

Direction Rosario Ruiz
Dramaturgy Sandra Ferrús


17 > 19 November

Direction Maite Pérez Astorga
Dramaturgy Lucía Carballal


20 > 22
Direction Aitana Galán
Dramaturgy Blanca Baltés


CELIA EN LOS INFIERNOS                         
24 > 26 November

Direction Vanessa Martínez
Dramaturgy Eva Redondo

Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Carolina Román, Ester Bellver, Pilar Massa, Rosario Ruiz, Maite Pérez Astorga, Aitana Galán, Vanessa Martínez

Dramaturgy: María Prado, Irma Correa, Yolanda García Serrano, Sandra Ferrús, Lucía Carballal, Blanca Baltés, Eva Redondo

Cast: Arturo Acero, Javier Albalá, Irma Catalina Álvarez, Emilio Buale, Boré Buika, Pedro Casablanc, Carmen Conesa, Huichi Chiu, Carlos Domingo, Bruno Ebner, Carmen Galiana, Gustavo Galindo, Ainhoa García, Ana Goya, Pablo Huetos, Abdelatif Hwidar, Agustín Iglesias, Astrid Jones, Silma López, David Lorente, Daniel Lundh, Ignacio Mateos, Rosa Merás, Amparo Pamplona, Montse Pla, Alba Rico, Riccardo Rigamonti, Pedro Santos, Raúl Sanz, Laura de la Uz y Rosa Vicente 

Diseño de espacio escénico: Lua Quiroga

Diseño de iluminación: Lola Barroso (AAI)

Diseño de vestuario: Paola de Diego
Ayudantes de dirección: Olga Alamán y Lucía Díaz-Tejeiro

Ayudante de vestuario: Berta Navas

Music: Irma Catalina Álvarez