Teatro Español y Naves del Español


by Jose L. Prieto and Nacho Carretero
Musical theatre
September 17
October 11, 2020



Tuesday to Saturday / 8pm
Sunday / 7pm



1 hour 45min

Fariña does not let the members of the audience to get comfortable in their seats. A sizeable shipment arrives, followed by conversations between young people and townspeople discussing, buying, consuming and confidently handling the famous “Winston de batea” [contraband Winston cigarettes]. The phenomenon is underway.

The cast of actors enters and exits the scene, becoming dozens of characters in familiar situations: a corrupt mayor willing to finance a verbena (an open-air dance), the youngest residents trying out the merchandise on the sly...

The jump to drug trafficking happens on the stage as seamlessly as it did in real life. Suddenly we hear Colombian and Moroccan accents. We hear percussion beats and songs. We hear jokes and boasting. Drugs take over: the theatre is filled with ostentation and feels a rush.

And, true to real life once more, tragedy appears. In the form of devastated mothers and youth and, finally, police operations. All of this happens on a stage that faithfully captures a journey through this dark chapter in Galicia’s history from a unique point of view. A journey through time from a close-up, real and familiar perspective, with the feeling, and the reflections of the audience as people exit the theatre, managing to achieve exceptional efficacy.



Cast and Creative Team
Direction: Tito Asorey
Text by: José L. Prieto y Nacho Carretero  
Cast: Cris Iglesias, Marcos Pereiro, María Vázquez, Sergio Zearreta y Xosé A. Touriñán / Víctor Duplá
Sound design: Santi Jul
Scenic design: José Faro, Coti
Lighting design: Laura Iturralde
Costume design: Ruth D. Pereira
Original theme song: Novedades Carminha

A production of Ainé Producións, Undodez and Oqueteño Media

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Magnetic loop

Subtitling for the deaf

Amplified sound

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