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El salto de Darwin

by Sergio Blanco
El salto de Darwin ©Esmeralda Martin
December 10, 2020
January 17, 2021



Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm



Post-show talk

El salto de Darwin [Darwin’s Leap] warns us that the condition of humans as a species can revert to an animal state at any time. In road movies, the characters always leave their homes in search of a better world – a promised land – to build a better life. This is what El salto de Darwin invites us to do.

It is profoundly moving for me that this text, which represents my reconciliation with my mother tongue, will be performed in Madrid, the geopolitical locus par excellence of this beautiful language. Spanish is the only language in which the word peace [paz] ends with the last letter of all alphabets: our language has perfectly understood that peace is the only thing that gives closure to and definitively ends the horror that is war. That is probably why I could only have written this play in that language.
Sergio Blanco


Leap. I want to continue leaping. From all possible places, in every way that I can and may be able to. I place my faith in Darwin's theory; I have believed in it my whole life. That’s why today I am bringing you El salto de Darwin, by Sergio Blanco.

This “road play” that takes us from comedy to tragedy, that shows us human ingenuity and perversity, from the most poignant to the most detestable qualities of the human being, is so piercing to me and moves me so much that I feel the need to stage it. I find everything about it interesting; the author’s study of the whys of war, which either starts out as a game and is gradually perverted or already exists within us, in these animals called humans. A call for peace develops at the same time, with its leaps, with its tenderness, with its details, with its love of difference, with compassion and understanding towards the other, with a very concrete desire for the evolution of the human being. May that evolution be in the direction of Darwin’s leap. This is what makes me commit firmly to this complete, lucid and gripping work.

Humour and pain flash through the characters without warning. In the space of a minute we go from laughing to crying, because time is and is not, it does not exist, it is eternal. Because War has always existed. Because Peace is eternal.
Natalia Menéndez


Cast and Creative Team
Direction and adaptation: Natalia Menéndez
Text by: Sergio Blanco  
Cast: Juan Blanco, Cecilia Freire, Olalla Hernández, Teo Lucadamo, Goizalde Núñez y Jorge Usón  
Scenic design: Monica Boromello
Lighting design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo
Costume design: Antonio Belart
Video staging: Álvaro Luna
Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo 
musical coach: Teo Planell 
Costume assistant: María Maraver
Video staging assistant: Bruno Praena
Direction assistant: Pilar Valenciano

A co-production of Teatro Español and Entrecajas in collaboration withFestival de Otoño de la Comunidad de Madrid

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