Teatro Español y Naves del Español


A show of Natalia Menéndez and Israel Galván
May 26, 2024

From 6 to 22€


Tuesday to Sunday / 19h

70 min

Born from an installation premise, DREAM, an anagram of MADRE, is a commitment to investigate the maternal-filial relationship.

Motherhood, understood as a biological process that equips the rest of our animal companions - not only mammals - can be tinged with affective connotations so close to love and hate - or very often - awaken feelings that combine, more than anything rational, those and many other drives. 

This confusing and radical mix of sensations can resemble a dream DREAM/ MADRE. Or, perhaps, a nightmare.

Expressions typical of mothers reach our ears in whispered songs or exhaust us with pitched sounds, and phonetic materiality beyond the content. We are lulled by the nanny who rocks us and the milk that she agitates for us. To dance the voice and break the waters. They come into the world passionate about the different percussions, the whistles, and the horns that persistently cry about a baby that we want to silence. 

The stage is also a maternal space and a sound provoked by the scenography in which the body shines through in a being that moves, rocks or kicks inside a kind of amniotic liquid.

This ritual - between invocation and exorcism - which in fact is the oldest in the world, re-enacts the infinite fight in which the mother is simultaneously accused and defended, lawyer and prosecutor. The trial, we already know, is lost. The only thing left for us is to exit our mother.

Artistic Team

Idea, creation, and direction: Natalia Menéndez

Creation and choreography: Israel Galván

With Israel GalvánPaquita Cobos Gil (voice),
Musicians: María Marín (guitar and singer), Antonio Moreno y Juan Jiménez Alba.
Music adviser: Miguel Álvarez Fernández
Lighting designer: Valentín Donaire
Sound designer: Pedro León
Costume designer: Micol Notarianni
Set designer: Pepe Barea
Assitant director: Ana Barceló

A production by Teatro Español and Israel Galván Company

Función Teatro Accesible

Viernes 24 de mayo

Encuentro con el público DREAM

Miércoles 22 de mayo tras la función en la Sala Principal

Presenta y modera: Lorena Berdún

Participan/intervienen: Natalia Menéndez, Israel Galván y los músicos

Duración aproximada del encuentro: 45 minutos