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Contarlo para no olvidar

by Mónica G. Prieto and Maruja Torres
Contarlo para no olvidar
September 8
October 4, 2020




Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm



1 hour 20min
Post-show talk

Reporters Maruja Torres (Barcelona, 1943) and Mónica García Prieto (Badajoz, 1974) discuss journalism, feminism and social transformation in a conversation published by Revista 5W as part of its collection ‘Voces de libros-diálogo’ [Book voices-dialogue] in 2017. 

Mónica García Prieto defines Maruja Torres as the model of a ground-breaking woman, an independent and outspoken professional, utterly unconventional in a male-dominated world. Torres, for her part, says that Prieto is the quintessential reporter that she herself would have liked to have been: a journalist specialising in international conflicts who has watched history unfold before her eyes. 

The two women recall their early articles, take a historic look at the Arab world, and talk about the changes in the press, sexism in the newsroom and their passion for telling the world’s story and wanting to know more. 

Based on these interviews, we created a production with two actors who ask us: What is the journalist’s pact with the public? And the media’s responsibility? Is information becoming trivialised? Maruja Torres and Mónica García Prieto explore these issues in depth with a critical and honest perspective in a conversation with moments of humour, anger and hope.

Cast and Creative Team
Adaptation and direction: Miguel Rellán
Based on the book Contarlo para no olvidar [Telling the Story to Keep from Forgetting] by Mónica G. Prieto y Maruja Torres
Cast: Nuria González y Nuria Mencía  
Lighting design: David Vizcaíno
Scenic and costume design: Monica Boromello (AAPEE)
Music: Germán Ponte y Linnea Weiss
Recording, arrangement and musical production: Germán Ponte (Violonchelo: Linnea Weiss// Guitarra: Pablo Chávarri)
Director’s assistant: Aintzane Garreta

A production of Teatro Español