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Amici miei

by Mario Gas
Amici miei ©Elisenda Canals
April 6
May 1, 2022
Tuesday to Sunday / 7:30pm 
2 hours

A lifetime of theatre provides plenty of time to make friends, to maintain a particularly fond relationship with certain fragments of theatrical texts, poems and songs.

In Amigos Míos, Amici Miei, Mario Gas sheds light on his literary and musical friends, sharing this friendship with all of us and opening the doors so we can meet and make new friends. From Saint John of the Cross to Vinyoli, from Cristina Fernández Cubas to Valle-Inclán, from Wislawa Szymborska to Fernando Fernán Gómez or Enric Casassas.

Text and also songs that have accompanied Mario Gas throughout his life to such an extent that he considers them his friends.

With the absolute complicity of Bárbara Granados at the piano, his partner and the creator of the music, Amici Miei offers us the chance to experience at close quarters one of the stage’s most outstanding voices of recent decades, whether as a director, agitator or stage creator.

Cast and Creative Team

A show created and performed by Mario Gas

With Bárbara Granados at the piano

A production by La Granados