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Ambiente familiar (Mínimo 2 noches)

by Aitana Galán and Jesús Gómez Gutiérrez
Ambiente Familiar ©Esmeralda Martin
October 8
November 1, 2020



Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm

Sunday / 7:30pm




75 min

Anita, a young tourist from Northern Europe, stays for a few days in a room she has rented in a private residence using a well-known internet platform. The events in her hosts’ lives thus become part of the happy, carefree days of her holiday. This is the starting point of Ambiente familiar (mínimo 2 noches) [Family Environment (2-night minimum)], a comedy structured in seven segments that is set in today's Madrid, where the sun, visits to famous sites, wine and the fiesta of mass tourism coexist with a population uneasy about real-estate speculation and evictions. 

In La corte de los milagros [The Court of Miracles] by Valle-Inclán, perhaps the best of the Galicia-born Madrileños, a character says that in Madrid there are no secrets. And there are certainly none in this story of noble causes and broken homes in a country that has extraordinarily good reasons to not lose its sense of humour. 

Memory, oblivion, time. Ariadne's thread is woven in the terms expressed by Antonio Machado: “Neither is the past dead, nor is tomorrow—or yesterday—written”, and that is the origin of the work we are presenting to you, between the Plaza Mayor of Madrid and the Plaza Mayor of Toledo, bound to legends and events that are difficult to challenge. For a tourist, the city’s streets are places for having fun, perfect backdrops for taking selfies. They arrive, stroll around and leave, perhaps noticing the plaque on the front of some building that mentioned the name of a writer, a battle, a book. It’s hard not to see them; the centuries have written volumes. And down below, where the architecture becomes flesh, perhaps the tourists didn’t see the bodies of the army of dispossessed and marginalized souls who make their home on these same streets. Clearly, they weren’t born there. Some grew up and lived in those very buildings now turned into hostels, hotels and, in most cases, empty shells that must remain that way because otherwise supply would exceed demand and prices would collapse. This is the subject of our story, and it is far from over..
Aitana Galán y Jesús Gómez Gutiérrez

Una producción de Teatro Español y La Radical Teatro



Cast and Creative Team

Direction: Aitana Galán

Text by: Aitana Galán y Jesús Gómez Gutiérrez

Cast: Marina Andina, Agnes Kiraly, María Filomena Martignetti, Mariano Rochman / Críspulo Cabezas y Fernando Romo

Musical direction: Pablo Hernández Ramos  

Lighting design and video staging: Alfonso Pazos  

Scenic and costume design: Silvia de Marta  

Stage movement: Marta Sánchez Medel  

Original music and sound design: Pablo Hernández Ramos

Director’s assistant: Manu Báñez