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Jacinto Benavente Readings
Dramatic reading
Lecturas Jacinto Benavente
November 20, 2022

Ticket for 1 show / €15

Tickets for 2 shows or more / €12


Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

90 min

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize for Literature that was awarded in 1922 to Jacinto Benavente “for having continued the glorious traditions of Spanish theatre”. On the occasion of the anniversary of this prestigious award, the Margarita Xirgu room in the Teatro Español will provide us with an opportunity to attend a series of dramatic readings, consisting of four works, to highlight the unknown playwriting of the author.

With the first of his plays, Another's Nest (El nido ajeno), which premièred on 6 October 1894, he began a period of modernisation of Spanish theatre that lasted throughout the first two decades of the 20th century.

In The Cheerful and Confident City (La ciudad alegre y confiada), penned in 1916, Benavente offers a second part to The Bonds of Interest (Los intereses creados) while at the same time representing, in a symbolic tone, the political situation in Spain in relation to the conflict unleashed by the First World War.

Titania, first performed in 1945 in Argentina, is a satire of the literary world in which the author ironically examines the intelligentsia with whom he was not in favour.

Pin Pricks (Alfilerazos), first performed at the Teatro Español in 1933, starring Margarita Xirgu and directed by Cipriano Rivas Cherif, director of the Teatro Español from 1930 to 1935, is a necessary reflection on the need to reach agreements on political and social criteria in the field of education.


Pin Pricks (Alfilerazos) 
From 15 to 20 November
Dramaturgy: Xus de la Cruz
Directed by: Ana Contreras

The Cheerful and Confident City (La ciudad alegre y confiada)
From 22 to 27 November
Dramaturgy: Aurora Parrilla
Directed by: Itxaso Larrinaga

Another's Nest (El nido ajeno)
From 29 November to 4 December
Dramaturgy: Amaranta Osorio
Directed by: María Caudevilla 

From 6 to 11 December
Dramaturgy: Alicia Montesquiu
Directed by: Bibiana Monje



Creative Team

By: Jacinto Benavente

Dramaturgy: Xus de la Cruz

Direction: Ana Contreras

With: Eduardo Velasco, Karina Moscol, Jaime Soler, Cachito Noguera, María Ramos, Javi Morán, Oscar Allo, Rubén Bustamante Coque and Kunihito Tomita

A production by Teatro Español